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Canton author writes new novel, takes readers on a visit to ‘Ora’s Farm’

Author Marcia Carter of Canton writes at her desk. Mrs. Carter recently completed her second book, ‘Ora’s Farm,’ which took two years to finish.

By Carla Barnes

Cherokee Tribune Staff Writer


A Canton woman who touched many with a book about dealing with the loss of her child has completed a new novel about a man who loves life.

Author Marcia Carter of Canton based her fictional tale which will be on store shelves this summer on a man who is a hero to many children.

Ora Coleman of Roswell is the source of inspiration for “Ora’s Farm.”

Mrs. Carter said Coleman has managed to keep his lifestyle intact despite the development that has surrounded his farm over the years.

His sage advice has been a comfort to his neighbors, the children who come to the farm to help him care for the animals and Mrs. Carter.

It was through a friend’s insistence that Mrs. Carter and her husband, Ron, meet Ora soon after the 1997 death of their son, Stephen Beam.

“They kept saying you’ve got to meet him. You could write a whole book about him,” Mrs. Carter said.

She said after meeting him she knew it was true.

“He is just so happy with the simple things,” Mrs. Carter said.

Coleman’s inner peace and simple life is the compass for the children in the book who work through their troubles and grow to be loving and caring adults.

The new book — while addressing serious issues such as divorce, the death of a parent and the marriage of two families — has a inspirational tone as each of the characters comes to terms with the issues of life today.

Mrs. Carter said she originally wanted to create a children’s book, but when her editor read it he was touched by the story.

“It appeals to everybody,” she said.

Mrs. Carter drew on her personal experiences and that of her family to create the fictional story.

The character Stephen is named for her son and through his story she able to see him succeed as a Major League base ball player for the Atlanta Braves baseball team and marry his true love, Jessica.

“I think it is a nice way to end it,” Mrs. Carter said.

Stephen was the source of Mrs. Carter’s first book, “Stephen’s Moon: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief” published in spring of 2000. The journal-style book shares the story of Mrs. Carter’s survival after the death of her youngest child.

The 18-year-old was driving home from a friend’s house in Dunwoody when he swerved to miss a pedestrian and hit a tree, dying instantly from the impact on April 13, 1997.

In the story, readers will find Stephen alive and well dealing with the strains of his parents’ divorce. Jessica is dealing with the coming together of two families and trying to open up to a new stepfather. Her character was named after a Stephen’s childhood girlfriend.

Kristin is based on Mrs. Carter’s stepdaughter, Kristin. Kristin loses her mother to cancer during the course of the story and the events are played out much like they were in real life many years ago.

Mrs. Carter’s literary agent is Robert Wilson of Gainesville, who she asked to come on board for the “Ora’s Farm” project.

Artist Jim Wonderling of Jasper illustrated the book.

Coleman has approved the contents of the book and was tickled to be featured in the book, according to Mrs. Carter.

“Ora said, ‘My momma and your boy are laughing at us about you writing this book about me,’” she said.

Mrs. Carter is in the final editing stages of her next project — a novel that will be split into two books. No release date has been set. She said she has been working with the book in her mind since she was 19 years old.

“Stephen’s Moon” is available for $9.95 and “Ora’s Farm” can be purchased for $16.95.

To buy a copy of either or both books visit the Web site at www.blacksandsenterprises.com or on Amazon.com.

For information, call (678) 667-4865.


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