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Ora's Farm is the touching story of three children, each dealing with emotional issues. Ora is their kindly old neighbor, a farmer who is their mentor, although he doesn't seem to realize it, offering sage, simple advice to grow on. Stephen is feeling the effects of his parents' divorce, Jessica is dealing with a new stepfather in her house and Kristin's mother has cancer. Ora steers them with a gentle hand and heart, making sure all three survive their storms, growing to adulthood. Ora is based on real life farmer and wonderful person, Ora Coleman.

An extraordinarily talented writer, Marcia Carter is a native of Roswell, Georgia. Southern hospitality has made its home in her heart. Already one of America's best authors, Marcia commands a story with feeling and grace. Her words are a reflection of emotion that can take you from laughter to tears in a single page. Prepare to be touched, your heartstrings tugged when you sit down to read Ora's Farm.

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