Stephen's Moon
A Mother's Journey Through Grief
By Marcia H. Carter
ISBN - 0-9671781-4-2


Book Description

On April 13th, 1997, a tragic accident claimed the life of an eighteen year old boy. He lives on in his mothers heart. From the depths of depression and despair to the inspiring last chapter, A Year and a Half Later, this is a journey you wont want to miss. The road through devastation, anger and soul searching leads to a place of peace, where the author acknowledges that her smile is a gift from God and vows to let that smile be a testimony to others who have suffered loss.

About the Author

Marcia Carter, a native Georgian from the Atlanta area, is an accomplished and gifted writer. Marcia's gifted writing style captures the readers attention from the beginning and doesn't let go until the very end. All of Marcia's writings, from her fictional works to this non-fictional book are a pleasure to read and own.

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